Transpose Music Studio

Piano lessons with a creative twist

Alice Springs style

"Listen to this Mum!"

Your excited toddler plays Hot Cross Buns on three black piano keys. Her smiling face is worth a million dollars. You pose some questions to explore…….

What if those keys really were HOT cross buns? She flicks her fingers quickly, and the notes sound short and hot.  She sings ‘Ouch, ouch, ouch’, then blows to cool her imaginary hot fingers. Perhaps the buns are CROSS or angry? She frowns, pressing the keys firmly making loud, long sounds. Can you make it sound like Three SAD Buns? She discovers a new hand position and pouting, she sighs ‘Three Sad Buns’ to the sad melody.

And so the seeds of musical discovery are sown and the creative journey begins……..

At Transpose Music Studio we want to share our passion for music with you. We want to inspire you to explore and connect with music in a way that sparks your imagination, grows you and makes you smile. Come join us in song and be transposed by the wonder of music!

Students Sing Our Praises

Hooked on Piano!
“Susie succeeded immediately in getting us hooked on piano! She draws out amazing things from my girls with her relaxed-yet-thoughtful approach to teaching, and adapts her style quickly and with ease to suit their different personalities. Her passion and enthusiasm for her art is incredibly infectious – you can’t help but get drawn in to the wonderful world of music! We always leave feeling thoroughly inspired and wanting more, more, more!”
Erin Selleck
Feb 2019
Making music fun!
"Susie’s warm, encouraging manner and obvious enjoyment of music transferred to Ella immediately. I’m amazed at how Ella has flourished. Without pressure, she has developed a passion for learning to play, read & even create music. Maddie has also had a fabulous introduction to music through the Piano Lab group lessons, where performing becomes second nature. Without exception, my girls are always excited for their lessons. Thank you, Susie, for making music fun!"
Dierdre Aila
Feb 2019
The right style
"Charlie’s developed so much confidence since learning the piano. Susie adapts her teaching to suit his preference of playing by ear, and always allows time to be playful and creative with improvisation and composition. She picks the right style of pieces which has been the key to Charlie’s love of performing. We feel so blessed to have found such an inspirational teacher. She is a real gem; kind, competent and personable; the best piano teacher we have come across!"
Laurel Duffell
Feb 2019

Everyone is capable of making and enjoying music

We welcome you to join our growing community of inspired musicians.